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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Book Review: Bound Feet & Western Dress

Image taken from webster.edu

I bought this book from a second-hand bookseller for RM4, which I think, is cheap.  At Amazon.com, the cheapest used one I can get is at USD1.47 (approximately RM4.60).  That is not including the shipping cost yet.

Bound Feet & Western Dress is not mainly about the foot-binding culture imposed to the young girls.  It is more about Yu-I struggle as a woman.

She was married to Hsu Chih Mo; but later got divorced and yet maintained a good relationship with the ex parents-in-laws.  There were so many heart-wrenching moments happened to her while waiting for joining her husband at overseas; with Hsu Chih Mo asking her to abort their second child and then disappearing from them.

And if that is not enough for her, she then lost Peter (her second son) over a digestion disease, for whom the husband wrote an eulogy .  (Sprinkled! thought: If I asked someone to kill themselves, I won't weep at their funeral.)   Her struggles did not ended there.  I am puzzled and bewildered at how she managed to deal with Hsu Chih Mo even after their divorce.

Thank god this is one steel-lady who might have inspired not just her grandniece (the author), but many other readers as well.

Where to get it:
Amazon.com (  Used  |  New  )  or  buy from Sprinkled!

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