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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Female driver = bad driver

Note:  I am not a sexist; I am a female driver too.
I was driving along this busy street and followed the car in front of me quite close (meaning: less than 3 meters away) when the aunty driver suddenly decided to stop at the roadside.  Guess what I did?
  1. Quickly put a signal so that I can drive away from her.
  2. Honk her because of making an abrupt stop without giving early signal to other road users.
  3. Show her an F-rated body language.
I have myself partly to be blamed for almost tailgating other but who does not do it here?!  If I keep a distance, the others are most likely to squeeze dangerously into the "available space".  I say dangerously because they do not have fingers to put the signal for you to watchout.  Weird thing is, more often than not, I do not see "Awas! Pemandu Cacat." on those cars.

Next time you think that you do not put signal, please make sure you have "Awas! Pemandu Cacat." sticker on your screen so that you won't receive F-finger from bad, female driver like me.