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Shorty Oliver & LouLou Louis

I am a doting mother of two young boys: a hormone-raging teenage dog, Shorty & a street-fighter cat, LouLou. Living with them gives me joy (most of the time) although there are times when I got worried about them. I blog when I am not occupied with my boys.

In case you are wondering, Shorty’s full name is Shorty Oliver – because he is pretty much like Jamie Oliver (the chef, yeah!) – sunny, cheerful, very full of characters and always make me laugh. His kai ma (adopted mom who lived across the street) always teasingly call him ai zai (in Mandarin: ai = short, zai = boy).

As for LouLou, he was originally LuLu because initially I thought he was a girl. He used to be called to that name so I had to modify it into something more masculine, well, at least in term of the spelling. LouLou Louis, so he is.

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