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Monday, March 1, 2010

Money not enough

While waiting for the dinner to be served, my eyes were wandering and scanning around for anything to stimulate the mind.  The TV was showing the weirdest job in the world, which has featured Philippines' garbage scavenger as one of its list.  No, this is not the garbage collector that comes to your house with the lorry.  This is a garbage scavenger that collects reusable/recyclable stuff dump at the landfill and later sell it at recycling centre for a living (read a news or watch a video).

Should I be content with my current life?

Then I noticed the next table was occupied by a family of seven (Mrs. Wife is pregnant with Junior No.6).  Alright, I won't comment on whether the parents are making enough for their living, the children education, et cetera or not as neither do I know them personally nor do I care if they are or they aren't.  But when I look at myself, I think the two boys at home are already quite handful for me.  I have financial as well as time constraint so yes!  Two is enough.

Should I be content with my current life?

By the way, today is quite a sluggish day for me.  Perhaps that is why I'm asking myself "Should I be content with my current life?" not just once, but twice.  Yeah, twice.