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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Miss Dreamy Little Misadventure

Hit the cold button instead of the red hot one when making my regular kick-ass kopi'O.  Only realized it when I wondered why there was no "Hello! Miss Sprinkled!" greetings from the usual Mr. MoogieMoog.  (Mr. MoogieMoog is my loyally fierce purple thermomug.  He farts coffee bean as a way to greet me.)

Drove exceeding the speed limit when I went to pick my parcel.  Was excited with the stuff that I received; but feels like I'd been splashed with a bucket of cold, stinking water whenever I remember that I might get a ticket from Mr. I-am-from-one-of-the-useless-government-servants.  Argh!!!

Eyes are dancing.  No, the numbers are dancing.  No, both eyes and numbers are dancing along.  Too many data to key in.  Sigh...