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Friday, August 13, 2010

Picky eater

I admit that I’m a picky eater.  A habit I have since I was young.  Ask my parents.  They tried many ways to get me eating.  Mommy told me that I used to stuff my food in my mouth until she realized that I had not swallowed anything!

Now that I’m older, my pickiness somehow is not subdued but even getting worst sometimes.  One day I’m a voracious eater; another day I could puke just by looking at the menu.

Just like early this week, I bought myself Indian rojak and pork porridge for brunch.  I cleaned my bowls (except for the potatoes in the rojak – I hate puh-tey-toh).  Then, I went on munching on raisin biscuits and butter cookies before I finally smothered all down with a mug of my favourite poison: coffee.

And just few days ago, I felt extremely hungry and insatiable throughout the day.  I had oatmeal with milk for breakfast.  After taking lunch, I went on eating peanut butter sandwiches which I luckily packed for coffee break that day.  And since I’d eaten my bread before the break, I just took cream crackers with coffee.  By dinner time, I was still feeling full from the whole day crazy eating that I just drank a hot cocoa drink.

Today, I skipped breakfast (I was late for work!!!  Again!!!).  Strangely I don’t feel hungry at all.  At lunch, I barely finished my meal.  I think I only ate two-thirds of it.  What a waste!  I still have egg sandwiches.  Now I really feel like throwing up!!!


Whoelses said...

wei, eat nutritious meals/foods la..

Sprinkled! said...

i am, just inconsistent, haha!

Whoelses said...

Ya, me too.. hehe.. and u change ur 'skin' again.. just like changing your menu.. haha..

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