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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sunny side up

Selamat Hari Merdeka Ke-53 to all Malaysians!

I've got a long weekend (Saturday, Sunday, Monday & Tuesday) and now, boy, I hate am so lazy to go back to work!  I need some happy thoughts here!
  • I washed my car including removing the evidence of Shorty having fun rides with me.  The other day when we were out to get our weekend newspapers, the young girl who run the stall with her granny (I think so) shyly asked me "Kak, kenapa hari ni bawa anjing keluar?  Saya takut anjing laa..."  Poor Shorty, some people get intimidated by his outgoing appearance.
  • As I am writing this, Shorty is going into the kitchen.  I think he is hoping for more pork porridge with grated carrot.  Yeah, I have a home-cooked meal for him and he loves it!  I am contented with him licking his bowl clean. The owner got herself cheesy ham sandwiches and coffee as she had a really, really late lunch at 4pm!
  • Now speaking of dogs and their owners.  I cannot swallow carrot unless it is finely grated or in juice form.  "Neither do I", Shorty said.  Sometimes I let him eat my leftover (which obviously contained Julienne-cut carrots) but he too, would not eat the damn thing.
  • Got my regular shower cream at RM16.88 (with an FOC 600ml refill pack) which usually cost me RM19.90 (add RM8 for one refill).  Save about 40%!!!  Any girls will be happy to be able to ssstttrrreeetttccchhh their ringgits, right?
What is your happy thought?