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Please join me, Shorty & LouLou at our new 'home':

Thank you!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Thank you, my furkids!

Cheers to all loving and caring pet owners!  According to MSN, my furkids can actually makes me healthier than a non-pet owner.
  • Heart attack:  feline lovers have lower risk of it, while survival rate for canine lovers are higher than others.
  • Strokes:  surprisingly, for me, LouLou theCat might lessen my chances of strokes!
  • Prevent allergies:  and because I’m exposed to them (God knows what Shorty and LouLou are doing out there everyday), I’m supposedly having better immune system than those who are not.
  • Stress and anxiety:  They are my super supporters during the moments.
  • Blood pressure:  Hmm… My healthy BP is indirectly contributed by these two little boys.
  • Cholesterol:  I don’t know about this one, I need to wait my medical report to know that it’s in a good level.
  • Depression:  Like No.4. Shorty and LouLou, mommy loves you both!
  • Not a couch potato:  Ditto. I play with Shorty after work. It keeps us sane.
  • Diabetes:  I doubt that. Shorty theDog is only interested in sniffing good food (and people’s crotches!!!).
Do you own a pet?  Or pets?