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Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's a beautiful PMS-days

There is always one period of a month when everyone in the office becomes your foe. Or that your boyfriend is really getting under your skin for no reason? In addition, you feel deeply miserable over something trivial. Blame the PMS!

While I thought estrogen have something to do with whacking haphazardly into my mind system, I was neither true nor wrong.

Apparently, even the scientists and the medical experts wondered how the hormone might affect the emotional part of the brain!

I know I can behave erratically during the time, hence I choose to channel my energy into something I enjoy, for instance, blogging. Well, perhaps I might write something tasteless but heck! This negativity must go elsewhere no matter what! That is better than venting my anger towards the others.

I also find it is relieving to clean the house. Perhaps a spotless room create a peaceful atmosphere for the mind and the body. Or is it because I let go thousands of the toxin when I sweat?

How do you tackle your PMS?

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Whoelses said...

perhaps, women were bonded with emo.. PMS is only a trend in a month where we can see the highest point of depressing.

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