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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wet, wet, wet!

I hate it when people never dry the toilet seat after using it. I can accept if it happened in a public washroom where the toilet papers are occasionally not available. But right here in the office, the cleaner always provide one extra roll so there is no reason why one cannot wipe the seat.

I bet they like their fat butts to be wet, always.

I bet they were having too much fun lubricating their a55h01e5 they had forgotten about the wet seat once they are out of there.

Fat ass!

Fat, wet ass!

I also wonder why they like to wet the floor as well.

I should have no problem as I always wear sport shoes to work – it provides me a good grip; unlike those seat wetter who wear ladies footwear.

I wish the wet asses will fall down on the floor someday – that would serve them a nice lesson.

Do you like fat, wet ass?

I don't.

Nor do I like a wet toilet seat.