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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ooh, turtle-ish me!

I woke up late today; amazingly squeezed all my daily routine into 15-minutes, which I leisurely do in 30 to 45 minutes when I am not rushing.  Ooh!  Except that I have to bring along my socks and shoes instead of wearing them before I drove out of the house.

This made me thinking that, instead of forcing myself to wake up at 7 every morning; I should just sleep until 7.30!  Based on today’s situation, obviously I still manage to come to work on time, err… actually, 360 seconds earlier than the schedule!

But then again…

I would not have time to talk to the boys prior leaving them at home.

I would not be able to check my watermelon, chillies and pumpkin.

I might miss the Uncle Newspaper’s delivery at our office (although I still can block and “harass” him when I bump into him at the gate, evil!).

I cannot drive at a turtle’s speed of 60 to 70 kilometres per hour.

Ooh!  I just hate getting up early as much as dashing off to work!


Whoelses said...

Whooops!! lucky u, school holiday.. if not.. u may squeeze all the turtle away.. hahaha..

Sprinkled! said...

now that you mentioned sch hol.. i didn't notice any diff actually, maybe bcos there's no sch along the way..

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