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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Scam by Bonuslink

Fcuk off, you liar! Image from weheartit

I received few missed calls from this number:  03-78417400 but when I call it, no one is answering it.  Weird, suspiciously weird.  It immediately sent high alert to my antennas.  You can see the others were reporting about this number too, just increasing my alertness!  >>> here <<<

Yesterday I finally managed to speak to the caller, whom claimed she was calling from Bonuslink.  She was offering me some kind of wallet insurance.  This insurance is to protect against the card loss should it goes missing or stolen.  Alright, I have never heard about wallet insurance sort of thing from anyone - not even from those who I personally know owning credit cards!  My mind keep saying "You're so bull$h!t!!!"

Then she asked whether I have credit cards.  I said, no.  How about debit cards?  Do you have any?  Again, no.

She immediately replied me “Oh, never mind then” which is more to my pleasure.

You know what?  I do not believe all these calls from whatever banks claiming to offer me this and that.  Usually I would tell them that I’m driving/in a meeting and ask them to call me again, depending whether I am interested to know their scams.  I like to know how they would "lure" me so I can learn how to avoid such traps.

So you, yes, you – the liar, do not call me!


(#_#) said...

yeah, better be careful with all this tg.
obviously they r up to smtg bad kn.
oh, love ur header!!! really hard to snap shorty smiling likt that :)

Sprinkled! said...

exactly. they can sound v convincing to the point you might believe it!

yeah, that's a "I made my human pet chasing after me, so happy to see her panting out of breath!" kind of gLee!

synical said...

I got several missed calls from this number as well; no one answered when I called back :P


Sprinkled! said...

synical: fishy isn't it? >.>

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