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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Book Review: Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Bought at MPH at RM35.60.  Original price was RM37.50; but since the book was already sort of pre-loved (must be the bookworms who read it inside the store), I asked the salesperson if I can get a discount.  So I got a "5% budget corner" discount (that is what printed in the receipt).  Still pricey but I don't think I can get it from the uncle selling second hand books at the street anytime soon.

* * * * *
Alright, I am way behind the others.  But I am glad that I bought this right before the Chinese New Year break.  I was inseparable with the book during the 4 days long weekend (I'm exaggerating!).

She wrote it into 3 separate big chapters with another small numbered chapters in each chapter:
  • ITALY Or 'Say It Like You Eat It.' Or Thirty-six Tales About the Pursuit of Pleasure
  • INDIA Or 'Congratulations to Meet You.' Or Thirty-six Tales About the Pursuit of Devotion
  • INDONESIA Or 'Even in My Underpants I Feel Different.' Or Thirty-six Tales About the Pursuit of Balance
But I think I read it too greedily.  But if I don't finish it now I'll be busy with work next week!  I was reading quite fast in ITALY; perhaps because all the pasta and gelato and pizza made me hungry, thus, need to get away from the chapter fast!  Seriously, the way she narrating her experience made me very eager to see the next thing.

But INDIA was tad boring one for me.  Perhaps the spiritual thing is not my favorite topic.  Ashram.  Yogi.  Richard from Texas.  Scrubbing the floor.  The poet from New Zealand (I can't remember!)...  None tingling my book-hunger bud.

Finally, INDONESIA.  Where she trustingly help a Balinese woman with a huge sum of money!  A woman who can heal a banana.   LOL!!!  You have to read it if you want to know what is this 'special' banana!    And of course Ketut Liyer.  He is a funny man to me.  Of course, how can I not mention Felipe, the Brazillian guy?!

I haven't watch the movie yet, not even the trailer, nor do I have intention to watch it.  Because I am always a book person; whatever translated into a movie always disappointing me i.e. Memoir of a Geisha, Girl with a Pearl Earring, Da Vinci Code, Angel & Demon...  Ooh, I can't say about HP or Hobbits because I didn't read any of it (help!  what were the titles???  I sort of loss memory here.)  Yes!  Lord of the Ring!
* * * * *

Side Dishes:
I stubbornly look for this original cover; not the other Julia Roberts cover!  As I mentioned above, the book was so loved by the previous readers that it wrinkled slightly, still, I took this one because it was the last one for that kind of cover.  Because I feel sure that I will read it again and again, I wrapped it nicely possible.  In fact, I have already put it into my working bag for tomorrow's reading.

I think I want to get 'Committed' soon!  The synopsis sounds delicious!

Checkout for her official website (I haven't go through it yet, shame!):


r.i.n.a said...

wanna read that book too!!
but i x buy it yet (can borrow from u?)
n x buy it yet, there's still tons of books i x finish reading at home.

im more book movie too!!
oh,HP movies sucks if u compare it to the books!
but LOTR i heard was quite tough to be read,
i bet peter jackson(btul ke name ni) really did well with the movie! :)

Sprinkled! said...

Sir Peter Jackson. ;)
can, i'll send to you via parcel!
i still have a few books that i haven't read - all in a box. shame on me, i can't even finish the little prince! it is not a HP/LOTR-thick kind of book pun!

r.i.n.a said...

hehe.. x send yet coz i have tons of books waiting to be read too!!

aah, little prince!
my sis have that book, i x read it yet pun.
eventho its like the most-read book during the World War 1/WW2. ^^

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