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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm coming home

It is almost time!  This song keeps playing in my head.
I'm coming home, I'm coming home
Tell the world I'm coming home
I'm going to reheat Shorty's food - I prepared a large portion last night and given him half this morning.  Forgotten to add carrot into his food, I am sorry, boy!  Mommywoof promise tomorrow's meal will have lots of green leaves and carrot.  Ooh, I am still considering whether to give raw food for him.

LouLou needs his bath.  Whoaaa!!!  I can almost hear him meowing at me from home "I thought that you've searched high and low on the internet about bathing your feline buddy and discovered that, I, the purrfect kitty, do not need to be bathed afterall.  Because - I hope you will learn after taking care of me for 3, 4 years - I know how to clean myself."  Erk...  Mommymeow is speechless here but still insists to get him human-like shower.  I love you, Lou!


Whoelses said...

haih, u should continue it as postcard 'exchange' like what it suposed to exist before..

sayang la.. postcard tu, dah tak active ka?

Sprinkled! said...

still but slow compare to last time, part of the reason i don't delete it bcos i put those postcards there..

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