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Friday, March 25, 2011

Telu baka

I am waiting for food from home (note: non-halal).

I can finish two bowls of rice even if I only have telu baka in my menu.

Ba Ian!  Cepat-cepat la send ar...


Whoelses said...

eh, interesting. what is tat. curious..

Anonymous said...

Hehehehe...kasihan, kalau melili and nak kuman telu baka, datang Klang. Balan

Sprinkled! said...

@Whoelses: hee... a type of appetizer, the meat is pickled to perfection.

@Balan: Cheras pun ada stok ba, tempat Uncle Padan..

Anonymous said...

suda htr lor... ;) enjoy!!!!

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