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Sunday, October 30, 2011

[Photo] October

Love you boys!  Including LouLou, of course!  <3

Here my LouLou boy, enjoying his sunbathing session!

Not only he refused to read the book (Amy Tan's Joy Luck Club),
he even barred the sofa from everyone else!

Mommy, I think I will read the paper after I'm done chewing this.

Escaping the two lazy boys & taking a walk to a temple..

P.S.  I can't believe we are almost at the end of Year 2011!  On a different note, I have loads of photos (of the boys) which I have yet to post.  Actually, I am trying to distract myself from being mad at an idiot who parks his/her car in front of my house.  But then again, I am not going out so...  yeah, just leave it.  Still, I don't understand why some people would do thing that is convenient for them without even thinking about others.  Something wrong with the way dia punya moyang ajar dia.  Mimang kurang ajar ba orang < tut >!!!