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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Do I miss him?

For a record, I have been "accused" that I love my dog more than anyone else - not less than one time.  So it tickled me when I read "Does your loved one miss the dog more than you?".  And for another record, I love Shorty a lot.  Loads, and loads more of love.
Over two thirds say they feel more guilty about leaving their dog behind when travelling than leaving friends or loved ones.  A majority say their pooch makes them feel happy, loved and relaxed.
So true.  You might want to ask: "How can you feel more towards your pets than (insert the name here)?"  It's the chemistry, that's all I can say.  I got worried every time I was away from home for a long holidays.  Honestly, I hate to leave them.  Have you feed them?  Check the water.  It's fine if they're overfeed, just make sure they aren't starving.

He would sense my misery right after I get out of my car.  Argh!  Misery only occured to me at work, but they like to follow me home...  Instead of wagging his tail hysterically and look forward to a let-me-drag-you-Master evening walk, he would follow me through the kitchen door and stop where I slumped.  And the comforting talk starts...