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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Argh! A chic lit, nonetheless!

I cannot remember when was the last time I read a chic lit.  Maybe during my student days which is quite some time ago considering that I am now age more than a quarter of a century!  So when I saw Meg Cabot's The Guy Next Door on Mommy Eryna's desk last Friday, I borrowed it from her right away.  I finished it on the same night although I was initially planned to read it slowly on Saturday.  Greedy me!

The verdict:
I managed (no one forced me to read it so "managed" is not quite the word to describe my Friday's night bookorgasm) - found the word! - was so high that I bookorgasmly devoured its content in less than 3 hours!  What?!  3 hours is too long?!  Okie, okie.  I was distracted in between the reading because I go up and looked outside everytime Shorty was barking, or when LouLou meowed.

The actual verdict:
A nice book - just what I need for a light, relaxing night.  It is a page turner for sure, because whenever I stopped at a paragraph, I was so eager to know what will be the next thing.  But the story is getting more predictable towards the end...  Funny, bitchy, dark characters are all in it.  I guess I had too many Mills & Boons during my younger days to had guessed the ending.  Now, I am gearing up for another bookorgasm because I can't wait for Friday!