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Monday, March 15, 2010

Where is all the stuff?!

I bought a bag.  A black bag.  Actually I don't need a new one since I've so many bags actually - all of it freebies - like one from The Body Shop; another from Clinique and a Starbucks one.  But there is one thing that strike me only recently: all these bags are green-toned.  Two of it in fresh lime green to be exact - no, I don't hate lime green, in fact I love its refreshing, cooling effect.  See?!  I told you!  Try to read the lime-green text again - it's fun!  Go!

But none of these have a designated compartment for smaller stuff, or stuff that you want to hide from the public view.  But then again, I have nothing to hide actually.  Yeah, you will find nothing interesting inside my bag.

So I bought this new bag which have...  let me check...  Inside:  2 open compartments & 1 zipped one.  Outside:  1 zipped compartment.  I supposed I will get more organize if I have these funtional compartments, NO!  I still stuffed everything huge and tiny into the bag, I am as clueless as a blur sotong as what to do with those zipped/non-zipped special spaces.  Oh!  Enough of nonsense rambling.  Here's the pix (photo credits to Zappos):

Front View

Back View