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Thank you!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Hug me

LouLou (@ 6 months old)

My LouLou is a grown up boy now. He no longer let me hugs him; he always trying to squeeze his way out of my hands. Even a gentle pat on his head or chin won't make him stay long. If I keep him indoor at night, he will forlornly sit at the kitchen door and meow if I am within that area.

I miss my little mischievous Loulou...

Don't ask me to hug or pat Shorty. It is not because I don't like him, it is just that I get a 180° change in reaction.

LouLou:  "I want a hug, I don't want a stufftoy..."

Little LouLou used to purr and doze off at the slight soft pat on him. His tiny furry body gives me the warmth a dog can never similarly mimic of. He got excited chasing Shorty's tail but never an enthusiastic frog/gecko/bird/cockroach catcher, which is totally opposite from crazy Shorty who would got frenzied at those little creatures. He is not as elegant as my first cat, Chloe, but always have this airy pseudo-polite sense with him.