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Thursday, March 11, 2010

His name is Shorty

I read "Pets: What Your Dog's Name Says About You" this morning.  So am I indirectly indicating that I am short?  What if I am not?

I named him 'Shorty' because he got short, fat legs.  But overall, he is a very sweet kid who will befriended almost every human.  He wags at my neighbor, June, who nicknamed him "Lui Lui".  Lui means a girl in Cantonese.  When I was just moved in to the neighborhood, she and another lady asked if he's a girl!  He still have his two-balls attached to him but it was hidden under the bushy butt.  And I admit his sunny-side up attitude sometimes makes him looks more like a girl than a tough, macho guy.  Nevertheless, he is still a little devilish boy who always drag me tirelessly during our walks.

I still cannot figure out what his name says about me, but I can say, I made friends with the neighbors partly because we talked about our common pet - dogs.