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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Female driver = bad driver (part 2)

Again, I would like to reiterate that I have nothing against female drivers (please see Part 1 here).  But those impotent drivers are really making my BP gone up!  And I have the tendency to erect my middle finger while the blood is boiling.

This female driver was talking at the phone while driving.  That didn't pissed me off.
This female driver who was talking at the phone while driving was moving slowly at the fast lane.  That.  I.  Tell.  You.  Made.  Me.  Mad.  Very.  Very.  Mad.
Why would you want to go into the fast lane knowing that you'll have to drive slower because you are not Dr. Octopus.  Or spider.  I would have squish her to DEATH if she is a spider.
One hand holding the phone; another to maneuver the vehicle.  Malaysia Boleh!

Dan soalan cepu tembaga untuk hari ini:
Why do you want to jeopardize you life and other road users with your brainless (oh sweetie pie, is that an under-developed brain I saw hanging out from your bonnet?  I'll be glad to replace it with something less complicated for you - an AA battery - what say you?)  act?  If you are so excited to be in the road fatalities statistic, please do not involve us (the involuntary parties).  Pi main jauh-jauh!  Shoo!  Shoo!
See what the paper say today?
More women getting nastier behind the wheel
Oh dear...  When can I have a peaceful drives on the roads?