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Monday, March 22, 2010


After spending Friday & Saturday $h0pp1ng, $h0pp1ng and $h0pp1ng...  an idle Sunday is most welcome for my-wallet-suffered-from-a-3rd-degree-burn yours truly.  (What?!  Did you just said the font colors are hurting your eyes?  Oh oh...  But I guess it doesn't hurt as much as my wallet.)  My legs were also aching eventhough I remember wearing the most-feet-friendly loafers.  Well, two days...  So I guess Mr. Loafers reached his limit of supporting me around.  I guess I should withdraw from it and (calling Mommy Eryna & Co.) let's go online retails! Hahaha!!!

Finally, I finished the books (yes, plural, not singular):

Hmm...  I haven't read all of Meg Cabot's books.  But so far I like The Boy Next Door.  And since I love reading (but hate spending on books because I need to prioritize the money into something else - not neccesary better than buying reading materials, mind you), I got myself a membership at the public library.  Now I can borrow books!  How nice is that right?


Whoelses said...

kalau borrow, tak ada koleksi la.. mana siokk!

Sprinkled! said...

Will only buy book-on-sale, no budget to make a collection anyway... in fact, I'm trying to sell those I don't really read... ;)

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