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Monday, March 22, 2010

Drifting away

  1. It is only 4:36pm.  Still one hour to go & I will be out of here!!!
  2. Today, I am playing with colors - so true when people say that colors can affect one's mood.
  3. Should I go there tonight?  Or Wednesday?  I hate the crowds.
  4. Ooh!  Must remember to send the parcel to mummy.  And, that means I will have to call her & notify her about it.
  5. *think thoroughly... breath slowly...*  Hmm, what else I want to babble about?!
  6. *Shiok sendiri looking at the post preview*  Colorful!
  7. I hate purple.  I don't eat eggplant.  Grape is fine.
  8. It is only 4:46pm.  10 minutes to draft this post plus browsing the internet here & there.  I am done.


(#_#) said...

looove the colorful post!! ^^,
mine ade black background,
so hard to make it colorful.
shud change my template soon!!

Whoelses said...

it rememberance the survey i did for last year, you have to colour your morning, afternoon, eve and night. tapi dah lupa where i put it.. useless effort.

Sprinkled! said...

or you can highlight it white? if you don't wanna change the template la... (:

yahor!!! let's re-do the survey (tapi your line is not clear today).

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