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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Got to make this one short.  And out of my chest.

I saw an MIB (man in bike) stopped between my neighbors' and my house this morning when I was going out.  And I don't feel good.  I think he's been there even before I woke up because Ah Wong and QiuQiu were barking non-stop.  Shorty, being the less serious one, only barked few times.  Although I swear he can bark the whole night if I didn't walk him.  As the case of Ah Wong and QiuQiu, the two of them only bark at strangers and the coward postman.

He was still there when I drove out.  Why the heck he need to wait there???  He is wearing yellow-collared white t-shirt, the kind you see people working in Chinese restaurant would wear.  The most infuriating is, he stare back at me when I stared at him.

Alright, if Lauren Weisberger said "Everyone worth knowing", let me add that "Every stranger that stop nearby your place could be a (crime) suspect!"  I mean, fine, if you're looking/waiting for your friend there.  But I saw none of my neighbors coming out to meet him so...  I am very suspicious of this man!

I am soooooooooooooooo going back even if I have to miss my lunch today!