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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Quicker than a Quickie

  • Had a late lunch at 2pm due to urgent stuff at workplace.  Thought want to skip but hate feeling hungry later in the afternoon.  Besides, I don't have biscuits in my drawer now, only a gluten-free yoghurt bar.  Not exactly what I like to go with my afternoon coffee.
  • Funny quote of the day (read full article here).  Despite me having no intention to have my own sooner/later, I still think there is something bothering, and objectionable about the part that reads "...or have none at all".
"The No. 1 thing people can do to be an eco-sexual is to have fewer kids, or have none at all," said Weiss, who is childless.
  • Was thinking of doing a bit of online shopping when I was dragged out of the office.  It was about work.  I missed my coffee.