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Monday, March 29, 2010

Main Entry: shoe

Part of Speech: noun
Definition: footwear
Synonyms: basketball shoe, boat shoe, boot, cleat, clog, cowboy boot, flip-flops, footgear, golf shoe, high heels, hightops, loafer, moccasin, penny loafer, platform shoe, pump, running shoe, sandals, slipper, sneaker, tennis shoe, wing-tip, work shoe
(From: Thesaurus.com)

My Nike running shoes-cum-working-shoes is beginning to show its wear-and-tear sign.  Which means I have a valid reason to shops (online and/or offline).  Laugh wickedly while thinking what a fun it would be!!!  I have a few items that I like but it is not something that I must buy; just a pre-guideline mental note before venturing into shoe-hunting mode this weekend.  It could spell disaster if I do not make any notes because I might end up buying stuff I don't really 100% need/want!!!
    Photo Credits To:  Le Clothes PO
  • Keds Meadow Moc Toe
Photo Credits To:  Piperlime

Photo Credits To:  Aldo
  • Hush Puppies Elara
Photo Credits To:  Piperlime

I don't know why I am picking white the most.  And I am definitely not buying a running/sporty type this time.  So, so not!  The Keds looks not so girly, neat, simple, yet wearable with jeans (which I wear everyday to work), hot pants, mini-skirts, bohemian outfits, summer dress...  The possibility of wearing it to everywhere is so high!  Yeah, I am the type who would wear the same footwear with different clothes.  Now, why waste $$$ just to match a pair of shoe with an outfits when I can just do it with ONE & ONLY pair of shoe???  Too bad Keds is not available here (Pepper Red is wayyyy too far for me, please...) so I will be happily content if I manage to get something identical, or quite similar.


Whoelses said...

if me, sure i have that hush puppy..

Whoelses said...

I do post some comment just now, but think lost in the way.. by the way, i like Hush Puppies much then the other..

Sprinkled! said...

you memang, tak kasi chance me to be a bit boyish! nak cari ala Keds flats... ;)

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