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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Main Entry: shoe (part 2)

Huloo!!!  Part 1 is >>>  h e r e  <<<

Had a bad start in the morning because I can't get the breakfast that I wanted, so ended up buying few pieces of fried tofu which could actually feed all my colleagues.  Nah, I am just exaggerating.  But I think I bought too much of it without even thinking when I made an order of... 3 plates (each have 4 pieces of tofu).  So mindless!  Guess I have to eat tofu for breakfast (already eaten 3/4 of a plate), lunch (another plate) & coffeebreak/dinner (one last plate!).

Shoe, ya, I am supposed to talk write about shoe.  I got a reply from Le Clothes PO so that means I am closer to getting my new white shoe!  Thank god I buat muka tebal requesting them to inform me if they have a white pair in the future.  And they replied me:

So happy!