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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cameron Highland, we go!

We girls have been hyper-actively discussing about it at work.  Yup, office hour is the best time to have our sneaky discussion because...  it is so fun doing something against the rule / job description.  rawr!!!!  So this would be our first trip together, so, so, so excited about it!  Khaty is in charge of the bills and expenses - so all the ringgits will be processed by her.  Ing is our designated driver; but of course me and Azida can take turn driving, Khaty is totally out of the equation because she prefers driving auto car.  Heehee!!!  I'm still screening for the places to go and hopefully we can squeeze it within the 2N/3D.

I'm personally wanting to:

  • Try the tea & scones at Cameron Valley Tea House and/or T-Cafe - maybe I will just sit there for hours and enjoy the scenery and the fresh air and the... tea & scones, of course!  Maybe take some photos, yeah!
  • Tea Plantation; maybe Boh Plantation at Sungei Palas and again, Cameron Valley Tea Plantation.
  • Herbs at MARDI - buy parsley, basil, cilantro & all other funny named herbs despite me being a kitchen hazard.  LOL!!!
  • Buy postcards - I hope the souvenirs shops stack loads & loads of it!
Okiedookie, don't kill me just because I didn't say I'm so wanting to visit the rose garden, cactus valley, go self-picking strawberries when these are the obvious reason people going there.  Yours truly will tag along with the girls - it would be more fun that way, wouldn't it?

Since we've just got our annual leave approved - Ing & I were quite anxious while waiting green light from the other two girls' boss - I can start packing my stuff now.

The source stated that the temperature in April is between 15.8 to 23.3 degree C.  Man, it is not April fooling me kind of chillness!  And 22 days of raining?!?!  I'm definitely bringing an umbrella!


Whoelses said...

weh.. dok lama2 having tea.. njoy the tea.. i tinggal u kat situ.. orang nak pegi tempat lain lagi..


Sprinkled! said...

heehee... please drag me if i refuse to leave my seat ^_____^

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