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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cameron Highland, we went!

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Boh Plantation at Sungai Palas is really, really, really breath-taking.
The weather, the air, the girls, the tea, the scone...
Let just say that the whole atmosphere makes me don't want to leave the place!
I could sit there for hours doing nothing - maybe just daydreamingly flipping magazines or read a book while sipping hot tea alfresco.
Too bad we were having a tight schedule.
I ordered a pot of Palas Supreme (orange pekoe light tea from Sungai Palas Garden).
I am not much of a tea fan; and this tea doesn't have the slight bitter after-taste which is just nice on my bud.


We managed to visit both Boh & Bharat teashops.
But I am definitely giving Boh A++ for the tea and scones and the ambience.
 The scone was just nicely reheat so that the butter melted and blended into it and releasing a freshly bake aroma!
I can't say the same for the other teashop; maybe the guy didn't really reheat the scone.
Ooh!  I didn't really like the guy because he messed up my order with other customer - tell me how hard it that to differentiate Teh'O and strawberry tea.
Yeah, I only ordered teh'o because the guy didn't answered me when I asked for their best-selling tea.
Shame on you, I would never go there again.

Boh's scone

Bharat's scone


Yes, I did bought some potted plants like parsley, mint, lavender and halau nyamuk.
The sellers told us "it can survived down there."
Let's wait and see.
And lastly, bunch of postcards for my postcrossing addiction!