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Friday, April 30, 2010

Please pass me the salted chicken!

m e o w     m e o w     m e o w

Captured his annoyed look - after I gave him quite a tight squeeze for ambushing me!
Bad kitty!

Reason of ambushing my human friend:
Not giving me salted chicken leftover; even though I've been sitting obediently on the chair while waiting for her to finish her dinner.  Purrrrr lease la...  I didn't even said a "meow" during the whole waiting episode.  I behaved very well (like a gentleman - although she always insist that I'm a reckless, adrenaline-pumped young boy) at the table!

Reason of not giving the chicken to LouLou:
It is very obvious.  High in sodium.  Not for cat consumption.  It is actually not even a healthy choice of food for the human.  Despite being steamed.  So not.  End of bargain.

m e o w     m e o w     m e o w