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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May Day

Watched Ip Man 2 & Iron Man 2 over the weekend.  Both are not as interesting as the first sequels.  Although I have to say I enjoyed watching Ip Man 2 more.  Ooohhh!  I thought I am a crazy one when I giggled quite loud over something during the Ip Man 2 show.  I tried not to laugh so loud but hey!  The other audiences were laughing too and I think it drown my voice in any sense anyway.

But not until the skinny tiny lady laughed dramatically until my seat also shaked & rocked!!!  And the most funny thing is, she shouted excitedly when Ip Man defeated Twister.  Overreacting la!  It is not like we were watching a live boxing show but I guess she was too much "into" the movie from the way she behaved...

Oh well!  At least she didn't spilled my drinks and popcorn.


Whoelses said...

How could you..
ermm.. if you asked me, i have no budget also.. but then, i also had few plan.. ya.. just remember the forgetful Azida..

Waitting for Robin Hood to stealed me diamond and exchange to movie ticket.. hehehe...

Sprinkled! said...

Can't decide which one to watch so I picked both =.=

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