We are moving ;)

Please join me, Shorty & LouLou at our new 'home':

Thank you!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cloud of thoughts

not feeling comfortable  thank god it's already 4.30pm Old Town with Khaty get coffee at office  earthquake  breakfast  walk Shorty  feed the boys  give LouLou medicine  warm up the engine  nasi lemak  car need a service  kopitiam service so slow  get coffee at office  where is Azida?  wow!  surprisingly sunny morning!  erk!  Is that boss driving in front of me?  Why is he using this road?  Overtaking him...  yeah!!!  just one teaspoon of sugar for the drink pick clothes from tailor shop  s u g a r  r u s h SUGAR RUSH  any nice pieces from blogshop?  I'm so dizzy now  acids  data  


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