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Monday, April 12, 2010

Dizzy-head is heading home

  • The assignment is still far from "C O M P L E T E D".  Argh!!!
  • I've been put 'on hold' by those peeps since Thursday.  Should I be barking now or roaring madly like a toothless tigress?  meow...
  • Makes me wonder...  what if I have to skip the Wednesday-and-Thursday thing?  I so want to be able to follow it.
  • Headache...
  • And the trip...  Accommodation for us girls.
  • Urrghhhhhh!!!  Suddenly this one girl popped up into my mind.  Please, please reply my email asap!!!
  • OOOhhh!!!  I kind of stolen a thing from someone.  I borrowed a pen from the frontdesk girl because they require me to fill in the visitor form; and I was too lazy to walk to my car - it's parked not far from the building but (sorry, Mr. Sun) I just hate the scorching sunlight grazing my unprotected skin.  Then I absent-mindfully bring it back to office.  I am sorry, Ms. Frontdesk!
  • 10 more minutes!!!  Yippieyippieyaya!!!
  • The big boss is still online.  Still.  Meaning:  Still in the office.