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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Beh Tahan Argh!!!

Jumbo Dumbo:  She didn't tell you? 
Mr Anonymous:  No.
Jumbo Dumbo:  I thought the two of you are very close.
I am glad that Mr Anonymous is very discreet and secretive about it.  However, I only have *censored* for Jumbo Dumbo.

Jumbo Dumbo, if you are reading this - you have no idea how close (or vice versa) we are.  Therefore, I am very surprised of your unprofessional commentary.  Obviously, you can't even grasp the basic of communication after years of dealing with people like us.  Aha!  I get it!  You're spending too much time fattening up your a$$.  And now what?!  I guess for a special slimming session you should go around and check how we are doing.  Boohoo!!!!  Also, next time please refrain yourself from using "I thought, I thought".  Your analytical skill is so... not what I am expecting from so-called "qualified professional".