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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Half a beef sandwich

  • Bought a beef sandwich for lunch yesterday; I thought I take some bites while driving but turn out it is not as conveniently small as McD's Fillet'O Fish burger which I can efficiently hold only my left hand (the same hand also navigate the gear) and right hand 100% on the steering wheel.  Missed my lunch but again, efficiently converting it into Shorty's and my breakfast (half for each).  He's happy, and I'm happy too.  ^_____^
  • Texted Najmi.  She called but the line was so blurry!  So I emailed her instead.  Miss her!
  • Done a bit of online (window) shopping.  Didn't order anything.  Want to learn to be like Queen Mother.
  • My head is spinning from too much of excitement.  Giddy dizzy bits of me!  Life, is so full of it, don't you agree?!