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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bright O'Sunny

Many thanks to Grouillote @ devianART for allowing me to use her artwork  ^_____^

I notice the sun is too strong in the morning until I get blinded by it. And it doesn't really help that I'm facing the sunrise when driving to work!  Because I'm too short that the shade didn't cover my face (most importantly, my eyes!), I have to squint my way through the road.  My Transition lenses doesn't help much either.  It is still way too unbearable for the eyes.  I mean, The Brightness.  Sometimes I ended up with tears because the lights really, really hurts.  Even as I'm writing this now, I still have that uncomfortable feeling.  But I resist the temptation to rub, it's bad for the eyes and the skin around it.  Maybe someday when my nature of work allows me to wear contact lenses, I'll put on my biggest sunnies when I'm out!