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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Midday laziness

Went for chicken rise rise rice for lunch with the girls.  I cannot finish the rice (as usual); but even so I still feel like something or someone is pulling down my eyelids.  Too sleepy until I wrongly spelled rice (rise) twice!  I thought of going for coffee at the canteen but it's still to early for it and I'll be as sleepy as before regardless how many cups of kopi I drink.

Now I'm starting to plan for tonight...
  • Shops for Najmi's wedding gift
  • Text/call mommyeryna so that I can pass the stuff to her
  • Dinner!!!  What's for tonight's dinner?
  • Return books to library (I'll be looking for another Sophie Kinsella's titles...  I just finish "The Undomestic Goddess" and found it quite nice actually.)
  • Buy meaty meals for the boys  ^_____^
Ouch!  Why time passes so slow when I want it to be fast!?  I'm dying for a coffee now...