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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I was packing my shoes away.  Days before I read Whoelses on buying footwear for the mother.  Eventhough my shoes collection is far lesser than Imelda Marcos', I still think it is too many considering that I only use these 2 pairs out of 15 pairs available:
  • Nike Zoom Running Shoes - to go to work everyday; jogging/strolling with the boys.
  • Ipanema Sandal - practically everyday except office hour because easy to match with any outfits.
The others are high heels (for special occasion), sandals, flats, mary janes (bought purposely for interviews recently), canvas shoes, leather shoes...  which I like but sometimes I just too lazy to get a nice dress/shirts/jeans/skirt to go with it.  After all, I always think of what to use to cover the breast & the down under region first (bra & panties included) before analyzing what the foot might wear.  In most cases of course, it'll be simplified to those 2 choices mentioned above.

I ever thought of sending the shoes to home, but then again, I don't want to buy a new pair if I suddenly need to wear it.  Because it is not fun sending via postal service to & fro just for the sake of it.  Mom won't be amused, either.

So, I'm going to store nicely the other shoes boxes into one large box.

I think I still need to decide whether to cutdown the numbers of shoes I have.

How many pairs are enough for you?