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Friday, May 14, 2010

The Face Shop: Brightening Rice Water Cleansing Emulsion

Bought a bottle of Brightening Rice Water Cleansing Emulsion from The Face Shop as my new makeup remover.  Luckily I've done my homework about it before going to the shop because:
  • The sales girl have braces & a thick accent that I could hardly understand what she was saying.  But I was glad because she actually spent quite some time behind the mirror while I quietly browsed the products before approaching me.  I DO hate it when they tailed me as if I am going to steal anytime!  Okie, okie, I know they have good intention of answering my questions & promoting stuff...
  • The Faceshop is currently having sales & lots of the products are on discounted price!  I left the shop before I start having the itchy "impulse buying".

The initial verdict:
  • A little on the oily side but not as heavy as the previous makeup remover (Clinique).  I hope it won't give me spots!
  • A very subtle smell yet still acceptable & doesn't give me dizziness (I don't like scented ones).
  • A total of one & a half pumps of the emulsion is enough to remove my makeup - how much to use is depends on how light/heavy the makeup, I think.
  • Save my wallet (price is 1/3 of Clinique or 1/2 of Avene).
Let's see in one week time on the effect!  ^_____^

Edited on Sept. 2, 2010
The final verdict:
  • It does not cause breakouts to me.
  • Overall, it done a good job as a makeup remover.