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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Brasil what?

I woke up early today because Shorty was barking desperately.  Being temporary chained to the door, I thought he might just asking me to let him go for a pee.  Poor thing!  But I guess the boys just want to see me and say "good morning, our girl" well before I oversleep into the noon.

Last night was a Holland versus Brasil match (2-1), not that I am a World Cup fan.  Just saying it as a matter of fact.  It does not matter which team is winning (at least to me - before you start barking at me).  Just that I don't get why some people are so hyper about team like Brasil.  Not that I am anti-Brasil either.  Just wondering...

The other day I was watching Germany versus England game.  The only World Cup match that I watched fulltime so far.  Was cheering for Gerrard although I don't favor any of the two teams.  Ooh!  And admiring Oezil at the same time.  For his skill (and a little bit on his doe-like eyes!).

Now, now...  Why do I write about football (or soccer)?!  Gotta stop mumbling and get my coffee!

Have a great (World Cup) weekend, peeps!