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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hello Germany; Goodbye Argentine!

Ah!  Despite claiming that I am not a football fan, I still somehow caught in the feverish World Cup season.  So while I was not watching it live, I keep myself updated via FIFA.

While checking on the matches, I was surprised to see this on the website:

And I was like: even I know that Germany is rightfully to be in that table!!!  But then again, maybe the person who is in-charge of the updates is a fan of Maradona's boys, or at least was hoping/guessing that their team would win tonight's match.  Thankfully they rectified it so here it is:

Haha!!!  I guess not many might noticed it but that's just me...  Being agitated over someone's mistake on the matches updates eventhough I have to emphasize again, that, I am not much of a football fan.  But it is fun to know what is going on there, the World Cup, I mean.

So, are we watching the next match?  ;)