We are moving ;)

Please join me, Shorty & LouLou at our new 'home':

Thank you!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Now where are we?

The boys are still excited about the new place.  They keep running in and out, and around the house.  I hope I have a boundless energy and enthusiasm like them.  By the way, the opposite neighbor have 7 dogs in all sizes!  My godness!

But despite their difference in sizes, I can generally say that they are too well overfed.  When I saw the tall one (sorry, I am illiterate when it comes to dogs breed), I thought she/he is pregnant (I need to verify on this one too).  Not until I met the other 5 smaller and shorter comrades of it.  So round, as shapeless as a bolster!  I took Shorty out to meet them today.  Well, I was supposed to introduce them earlier but it was raining in the past few days.

Few units away from me is another white Labrador (I think it is a Labrador) whom got excited to see us passing by the neighborhood street.  Geez!  These dogs makes me envy about their perspective of life.  Dogs say:  "If there's a new comer in the street, greet them and try to sniff them eventhough you're tied to gate / locked in the cage."  Me, I get tongue-tied whenever I see my neighbors.  All I do is smile while my mind is racing to think the appropriate line.

Anyway,  LouLou was attacked right at the car porch last night.  That stupid big cat.  You think your ancestor own the street huh?  My little boy is new to the place and if you don't welcomed him here, stay far, far away.  Why need to launch an attack!?  Ah, this really worried me because I don't want to keep them in the house.  Last night I let him sleep in the house as I don't want the fat intruder to disturb him.

My boys!