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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Baby, baby, baby, ooh!

One acquaintance lamented: “Those who wish to have one but cannot / still have not got it; while the others were simply abandoning the new lives” when she saw a newspaper headline.  It is hard to ignore the baby-dumping news because now it appeared almost every day.

I seldom read thoroughly such news because to me it is just more or less like reading a Hollywood (or put it a Bollywood if you want) gossip.  Except, it is not a gossip and the mother (and maybe her family and relatives) will be the hot topic amongst the loudmouth aunties.

What would the others think I am?
I personally know someone whom went through an abortion because:
  • She was not married at the time
  • Fear that she’ll be kicked out of uni if the authority know about it
(I don’t know about our uni rules/policy on single, unwed student getting pregnant until now; and never thought of searching for it if that could help her making an optional decision earlier on.)

The social stigma apparently has more effect on her than the love for the unborn child.  I cannot blame her for giving up; neither do I know how she feels about the whole thing.  Because she only shared on how physically drained she was; how she wanted to have ginger chicken soup with wine… just the surface matter, nothing on the emotional part.

I love you
I don’t have children; but I treat my pets almost like my own kids.  I love them to bits: I get worry about them as I left them at home or when they fail to come home when the curfew is over, nag them if they didn’t finish the food…  If I can feel such love for my furkids, I believe so are the young mothers who abandoned their child.

BUT, BUT!  Obviously they love themselves more.  NO!  I say, they love (or loved) their sexual partner more that they’re willing to compromise their own wellbeing!  Can’t we find anyone who is more foolish than that?!

The solution
Blame the pornographic and the western culture (Valentine’s Day & New Year)?  I watched porn videos and always enjoy New Year holidays (I would have enjoy Valentine’s Day too if we have one or two public holiday on it, LOL!!!).  If your theories are true, I could have been stuck with numerous pregnancies, you idiot @$$h0L3!

Perhaps it’ll take us longer to change the public perception that an unwed pregnant girl is not a slut/whore/tart (not matter how hormonal-frenzied she is).  I know those makcik-makcik whom favourite afternoon fiesta is including whispering “her daughter is living together with the guy, that’s how she got pregnant” or “she can’t hide her tummy in that wedding gown, already got only get married”.  See how judgmental, destructive our behaviour is?  I really hope these old sluts/whores/tarts aunties find one way or another to spend their free time in a more positive way.

And the girls just have to be more selfish than ever:  PLEASE RESPECT AND LOVE YOURSELF MORE THAN ANYONE/ANYTHING ELSE!