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Friday, August 20, 2010

Calling Shorty, calling me

My neighbor was looking for me yesterday but since she don't know my name, she called for Shorty instead!  :D

We were in the house at the time so this crazy short-legged boy began to cry as he wanted to see the lady.  Naturally, I have to open the door to let him out.  And being a polite neighbor, I came out from the house as well to greet not just one, but two other lovely ladies and a teh-C colored pug (who was busy pee-fighting with Shorty while we girls were having a conversation).

There were many accounts where the neighbors called me by using Shorty's name.  And most all of them are dog owners.  Like them, I don't know their names too, but funnily enough, I know their pets names!

By the way, I gave my name card to the neighbor.  I told her "just in case for emergency".  LOL!  Now she knows my name.  {wink}


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Sprinkled! said...

yup, I don't mind actually being called "Shorty". better that kena call "ui! ooi!".

coincidently, we talk about our pets' names in the office just few days back. this girl said her dad named their cat "Mansor". then we all gelak gila! i mean "Man" still ok, but Mansor?!

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