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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lunchtime crunch (part 2)

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= Sandwich

It is a rainy season according to The Star news report.  Based on my observations, it is most likely to rain in the afternoon.  To avoid from having a wet, soaking lunch outside, I packed my lunches from home for the past few days.  My home-cooked meals are becoming more frequent than before as I gradually adapt to waking up early in the morning to prepare it.  But today I was not quite wanting to eat rice for lunch, so I just made a simple sandwich which (I think) is nutritious and filling.  Then I ate a fruity yogurt (mixed with honeydew, kiwi & plum).  That's one healthy food there!  Last, but not least, I broke my one-coffee-a-day to have a second one for lunch.  But it's a sugarless one so no harm there.