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Thursday, August 26, 2010


The Star Online
Throwing faeces.  Burning flags.  Shouting like a drunk idiot.  To me, all these are the signs of a third world mentality.  True, action speaks louder than word.  But most of the time, in the stillness of silence, one is able to reflect and learn about the matters.  As for me, I am still learning to manage my angers, trying not to explode over a silly matter like when a housemate did not put the footwear when it is supposed to be.  Or when someone in the office who shamelessly steal your canned drinks.

Regardless of the tension between Malaysia and Indonesia created by some groups, I maintain a good relationship with a few Indonesians I know.  For instant, the neighbor’s maid who I regularly see in the evening, she is as friendly and helpful as her employer.  So much better than the other neighbour who always avoids eye contact with me.

You see, I am not the instant puppy-like hyper-friendly type of person.  I usually warm up quite slow; from just simple “hello” to maybe few lines of “just come back from work?”  Almost as timid as a mouse when it comes to getting to know strangers but sometimes regarded as unfriendly/snooty.  Nevertheless, the silent neighbor has the rights to appear invisible in front of us.

Some neighbors are friendly to each other and communicate with each other – like me; I bonded with my neighbors through our dogs.  Some, however, want to keep their solitude and avoid making contact with you (for reasons that I do not know).  While some might just the ones you greet “hi” and quickly disappear into the house (reason: unknown).

What kind of neighbor you think we are to Indonesia?
(I need to digest this question carefully.)

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Whoelses said...

shhhh.. i had 'in laws' from there too.. (whispering)

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