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Monday, August 23, 2010

Sunday, I like you!

One of my Sunday’s pleasures is rummaging the old books at the second-hand bookseller.  The first pick was Bound Feet & Western Dress by Natasha Pang-Mei Chan.  On the second visit, I bought Wild Swan (Jung Chang).

(I shall write reviews that are more detailed on the books when… when it is possible erm, when I want to!)

I love the atmosphere at the open-air street market.  The air.  The vibe.  The uncle who blares his amplifier – I have yet to check out his collection of piring hitam (LP).  The auntie who asked if I want to buy her flowers.  The shoppers haggling for a lower price.  The durian seller with his display of artsy durian-chopping skill.  I prefer to observe these while slowly making my way to the favorite bookstall.

Normally I don’t stay at the stall for too long, perhaps just a good 10, 20 minutes to pick a book before I head out to the wet market to get my breakfast and Sunday’s copy of papers.

Bound Feet & Western Dress is a little bit old by my standard.  The book was cockroach-infested; judging by the holes and the stains in some pages.  Nevertheless, I am always fascinated by the old Chinese bound-feet culture so I got it for one weekend reading bliss.

As for Wild Swan, I borrowed it from a library before.  However, I still want to read it for a second time (I read some books for a second, or third, or numerous times).  A valid reason to purchase it, eh?  This one is still in a good condition – not smelly, just a little dusty (I guess due to the storage), although the edge of the cover is torn.

Have you read any books recently?


Whoelses said...

'Little Prince' belum lagi jadi harta simpanan ku.. cuma ku belum berkesempatan untuk menyudahkan pembacaannya.. pun ku rasa, ingin ku pulangkan kepadamu kerana, 'Letter to Hostage' agak sukar untuk ku pahami..

Ku juga akan pegi ke kedai buku terpakai nanti.. harganya agak murah.. tetapi sayang sekali kerana buku yg ada hanyalah majalah hiburan lama, sedang buku2 lama yg bernilai harganya.. mgkin sudah sampai di longokan sampah.. cis.

Sprinkled! said...

Whoelses boleh simpan sehingga habis dibaca; tiada tempoh terhad dikenakan. Sekiranya buku itu dikembalikan kepada Sprinkled! sekarang, Sprinkled! pun tidak pasti bila ia akan dibaca. Lebih baik Sprinkled! berkongsi bahan bacaan dengan kawan-kawan daripada membiarkan ia dimamah habuk atau sarang lelabah... ;)

(OMG!!! laughing at my ayat!!!)

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