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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My retirement plan

I chuckled when I saw Whoelses’ comment for my book review.

Maybe if I do not sell it now, I will sell it later. This is what I thought when I came back from the flea market on the other day.

Maybe after I sold a book for RM4, I will get myself a hot beef soup noodle as a self-reward. I said.  Wait! Maybe one bowl of noodle is no longer cost me that cheap 10, 20 years from now.  I told myself.  You know, I have to consider inflation as well.

Then a friend jokingly said "You are buying books from him now, but in years to come you will be his competitor".

Ooh! I never really think how I will live my life once I am out of the workforce.  I was so itching to return to office when I took two weeks leave few months back.  The first two days were okay as I was recovering from travelling home.  However, the next few days onwards, I started to feel disoriented because I cannot find something to do (with my job). I was supposed to be happy because I can relax without having to bother about work but that was not the case.

I am still far from retiring; neither do I think my employer will be firing me soon, palis-palis, TOUCHWOOD!!!  I think I will be a second-hand bookseller when I am old.  Maybe I will drives to the flea market in my old car with boxes full of books and National Geographic magazines.


Whoelses said...

u have few customers waiting.. hehe.. if i live long enough..

huh, we retired at 50 ha.. going to, going to.. sempat kut..

(#_#) said...

we open 2nd hand bookshop n little cafe!!
heheehe :)

Sprinkled! said...

now i have 1 customer & 1 business partner.
btw (#_#), meg ryan's little bookstore in you've got mail instantly flashes into my brain!
hahaha! wo zen de zai fa bai re meng! (i'm really day dreaming!)


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