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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Super Sunday

  • Super-charged:  Cannot sleep because I took a long afternoon nap (~2 hours).  Not a pleasant rest as I woke up feeling dizzy and as if my brain is going to burst!
  • Super-irritated:  Found LouLou theCat was sleeping at the end of the bed, not a pleasant one too because he haven't take I haven't take him for his weekly shower.
  • Super-picky eater:  Am planning for an early morning breakfast at the town but I'm getting bored with the food menu offered there.  Will eat sandwich at home instead.
  • Super-lazy:  Car is not wash for almost a month, I think so.  LouLou's paw prints is visible.  So is the birdie's poo and some little branches and leaves.  Reason for not cleaning the car:  The unpredictable wet weather.  (Valid when it is a monsoon season.)
  • Super-hungry:  Had cheesy ham sandwiches with tea for supper.  Still, my tummy growling for more food.  I cannot go to bed with hungry stomach!  Tata!  I'm going to cook boiled egg for another round of supper!